The Best of Italy is a collection of beautiful porcelain and natural stone tile, sourced from Italian manufacturers as well as other countries around the world. Each product has been carefully selected for its unique combination of aesthetics, colors and sizes.

    Aisthesis by Panaria an Italian Through-Body Porcelain TileAisthesis-Bianco

    Pronounced (i-sis-seas) Aisthesis is an 18" x 18", through-body, rectified tile that is suitable for floors and walls, but we think it will prove to be exceptionally popular as a counter tile. The large format and ultra smooth finish is available in four outstanding colors, including Bianco, Cacao, Lavica and Sabbia, that coordinate perfectly with other materials and colors. Recycled content exceeds 40%.


    BOI - Aisthesis Bianco

    BOI - Aisthesis Cacao

    BOI - Aisthesis Lavica

    BOI - Aisthesis Sabbia





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    Anthology Marble Series by Emil

    Anthology Marble has been created in response to every human being’s need to feel that they belong to a place and time. Wild CopperMarble conveys a sense of calm and security. We are familiar with its quality and beauty, and it has always been part of our culture and the way we build homes. Using ink-jet technology, Anthology Marble combines the delicate beauty of marble with the strength and durability of porcelain tile to create three beautiful colors that will satisfy different tastes and needs. Royal Marfil, a marble of Spanish origin, is refined in its color and has subtle and elegant veining. Velvet Marble, an Italian marble from Sardinia, has a rich and variegated pattern and Wild Copper, a Brazilian marble, has a forthright style, modern and daring with strong patterning and rich colors. All three marbles are available in a Matte finish, in four sizes including, 24" x 24" Rectified, 12" x 24" Rectified, 6" x 6" Rectified and a 2" x 4" Mosaic Brick, plus a 3" x 12" bullnose and a 1" x 12" pencil liner.


    BOI - Anthology Marble Royal Marfil
    Royal Marfil

    BOI - Anthology Marble Velvet Marble
    Velvet Marble

    BOI - Anthology Marble Wild Copper
    Wild Copper

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    Darwin and Ethnos by Century & Monocibec offers Porcelain Tile for Floors & Walls

    Century-FloreanaAffiliated Italian tile manufacturers Century and Monocibec produce some of the most innovative and beautiful tile products in the world today. Floreana and Seymor from Century and Iowa from Monocibec are beautiful travertine porcelain tiles that look fantastic when using multiple sizes to make a pattern. These products are suitable for the most demanding commercial applications, but have an aesthetic appeal to many residential customers as well.

    BOI - Century Floreana

    BOI - Century Seymor

    BOI - Ethnos Iowa

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    Heritage Collection by Oceanside GlasstileHeritage Glass Tile

    Oceanside Glasstile pioneered the domestic development of handcrafted glass tile. Since their inception in 1992, they have been combining time-honored glass knowledge and craftsmanship with modern technology to create truly stunning tile. In their factory, you will see state-of-the-art equipment for precision processes such as batching, charging their furnaces and cooling the molten glass. What is truly special about Oceanside Glasstile however, is the dedicated craftspeople who, from start to finish and by hand, transform the product into the most beautiful glass tile in the market today - tile that appears uniform overall, yet, if you look closely, each has character that is as unique as a snowflake.

    BOI - Heritage Autumn

    BOI - Heritage Back Roads
    Back Roads

    BOI - Heritage Creek Bed
    Creek Bed

    BOI - Heritage Fog

    BOI - Heritage Glacier

    BOI - Heritage Thistle

    BOI - Heritage Breakers

    BOI - Heritage Driftwood

     BOI - Heritage Embers

    BOI - Heritage Otter

    BOI - Heritage Prairie

    BOI - Heritage Tidelands

     BOI - Heritage Burnished

    BOI - Heritage Miners Claim
    Miner's Claim





    BOI - Traverse Liner Bronze

    BOI - Traverse Liner Truffle

    BOI - Traverse Liner Platinum

    BOI - Traverse Liner Oxygen

    BOI - Traverse Liner Cane


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    I Bianchi by Rex offers Porcelain Tile for Floors & WallsRex-Palissandro

    If you love the look of natural marble, you'll love I Bianchi by Rex. Created with high quality, digital, ink jet technology on a rectified porcelain body, the two colors in this series, Calacatta and Palissandro, capture the elegance of marble beautifully, in a no-maintenance, porcelain tile that offers an authentic look at 1/3 - 1/4 the cost of real marble.

    BOI - I Bianchi Calacatta

    BOI - I Bianchi Palissandro

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    Limestone - Natural Stone

    By applying creative finishes to natural stone, three new and exciting design options have been achieved. Gray Flannel, Teakwood and Piana bring limestone to a whole new level with multiple sizes, trims, mosaics andLimestone textured finishes. The mosaics developed for the three limestones are also available in the popular Calacatta marble.

    Limestone Teakwood

    Limestone Piana

    Limestone Gray Flannel
    Gray Flannel

    Limestone Standard Bar Liner Teakwood
    Standard Bar Liner

    Limestone Standard Bar Liner Piana
    Standard Bar Liner

    Limestone Standard Bar Liner Gray Flannel
    Gray Flannel
    Standard Bar Liner

    Limestone Modern Bar LIner Teakwood
    Modern Bar Liner

    Limestone Modern Bar Liner Piana
    Modern Bar Liner

    Limestone Modern Bar LIner Gray Flannel
    Gray Flannel
    Modern Bar Liner

    Limestone Mosaic Sparta Patch
    Mosaic Sparta

    Limestone Mosaic Minerva Patch
    Mosaic Minerva

    Limestone Mosaic Muro Patch
    Mosaic Muro

    Limestone Calacatta Mosaic Sparta Patch
    Calacatta Mosaic
    Sparta Patch

    Limestone Calacatta Mosaic Minerva Patch
    Calacatta Mosaic
    Minerva Patch


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    New Yorker by Settecento a White Body Ceramic Wall Tile

    The New Yorker series by Settecento is where trendy meets traditional. A wall tile with a pure white body in aNew Yorker 3" x 12" size, is offered in seven trendy colors, including Matt WhiteBright White, Caramel, Taupe, Smoke, Charcoal and Night. With a slightly textured glazed surface, the glaze pools in unique ways to create a beautiful hand-made effect. This product is perfect for both residential and light commercial applications from a traditional subway application to a more contemporary look.

    New Yorker Matt White
    Matt White

    New Yorker Bright White
    Bright White

     New Yorker Taupe

    New Yorker Caramel

    New Yorker Smoke

     New Yorker Charcoal

    New Yorker Night


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    Nouveau by Supergres an Unglazed Through-Body Porcelain Tile

    Supergres-GrisNouveau is an Italian porcelain tile with a unique modern elegance. Subtle striations overlay a base of through-body contemporary colors. The result is a balance between simplicity of style and refinement of detail that can grace floors, counters and walls. Nouveau is available in five colors including Blanc, Beige, Brun, Gris and Noir and coordinates beautifully with a selection of Crossville Glass Blox colors. Available in one size: 12" x 24" (rectified), this product is ideal for both residential and commercial applications.

    BOI - Nouveau Blanc

    BOI - Nouveau Beige

    BOI - Nouveau Brun

    BOI - Nouveau Gris

    BOI - Nouveau Noir


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    Q-Stone by Provenza Porcelain Tile for Floors & Walls

    Q-Stone-SandQ-Stone is a glazed porcelain tile produced with high quality, ink jet technology on a through-colored body. This innovative technique allows the glazes to penetrate into the body achieving an elegant, beautiful look. Q-Stone contains over 40% pre-consumer recycled materials as certified by the Bureau Veritas, the most widely recognized certification body in the world. This product may contribute to satisfying MR Credit 4.1 and 4.2 Recycled Content (2 potential points) under the LEED® Green Building Rating System.

    BOI - Q-Stone Ice

    BOI - Q-Stone Sand

    BOI - Q-Stone Walnut

    BOI - Q-Stone Grey

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    Urban Concrete by Flaviker - NEW!Urban Concrete

    This Italian design firm reinterprets concrete in a new collection of porcelain wall tiles that boast neutral tones on the floors and walls of interior and outdoor room applications. Urban Concrete is offered in four colors, including Fog, Night, Nut and Smoke and four sizes including 24" x 24", 12" x 24", 12" x 24" Mixed Sizes (2" x 24", 4" x 4" and 6" x 24") and a 2" x 2" Mosaic, all rectified.

    BOI - Urban Concrete Fog

    BOI - Urban Concrete Night

    BOI - Urban Concrete Nut

    BOI - Urban Concrete Smoke

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